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Apakah klasifikasi sauh yang biasa

Jenissauhadalah jm13-yn (jm13-yn) dengan prestasi yang baik. Ketegangan secara amnya berlaku melalui jenis jack.

Spesifikasi dan model adalah seperti berikut: bjm15-n (bm15-n) atau bjm13-n (bm13-n) (B, huruf pertama flatsauh in Chinese Pinyin, representing the meaning of flat sauhage); flat sauhage is mainly used for Transverse Prestress of bridge deck, hollow slab and low height box girder, so as to make stress distribution more uniform and reasonable and further reduce structural thickness.

The specification and model of (fixed end sauhage) are: jym15-n (ymp15-n) or jym13-n (ymp13-n); it is suitable for the situation of large design stress at the end or limited space at the end of the component. It is a kind of wrapped sauhage that uses an extruder to press the extrusion sleeve on the steel strand. It is embedded in the concrete and arranged as required. After the concrete solidifies to the design strength, it is tensioned.